Monday, April 2, 2018

Wheels in motion

Lately, our family conversations have revolved around cars quite a lot, because our family car has been giving us trouble. So even though we had previously thought we would be driving this car until the end of its Singaporean life (aka scrap), it now looked like it would be more practical to replace it instead.

Kenneth, while visiting a showroom to "look-see look-see", as he called it, got talked into plonking down a deposit for a car from a brand that shall not be named but is highly desired by unkers. Since he recently turned the Big 5-0, I chalk it down to him going through a half century crisis.

Andre will turn 18 end of this year, and he'll be signing up for driving lessons, something he's been looking forward to from the time he could scoot around our living room in a mini racer (he was two years old in this picture).

Lesley-Anne, on the other hand, has zero interest in getting behind the wheel.

Kenneth: "But it's a life skill! It's good to know how to drive."

Lesley-Anne: "Why? There's the train and there's Grab. There's really no need to drive."

Me: "Actually, I agree. It's expensive to own a car as well."

Kenneth: "What if there is a zombie apocalypse and you need to escape?"

Lesley-Anne (frowning): "You want me to learn how to drive in case of a zombie apocalypse?"

Kenneth: "You must be prepared for all situations."

Me: "Well, technically in a zombie apocalypse, nobody will care if you have a license. Just put the gear in Drive and go."

Goodbye, trusty VW. You've been a most enjoyable ride.

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