Sunday, January 15, 2017

'O' level results and other milestones

Last Wednesday was the release of the 'O' level results. It shouldn't have been nerve-wrecking for Andre, since he'd already been accepted for early admission to the polytechnic course of his choice. All he needed to do was earn 26 points for his L1R4, which shouldn't have been a problem.

Yet, on Tuesday, he was a bundle of nerves. He moped around the house, mournfully singing Les Miserables' "One Day More", and repeatedly asked, "What if I don't make the minimum cut-off?" until I started having doubts myself. I began to wonder what rubbish he'd written during the exams to warrant this level of fretting. This is a boy whose self-assessment of how he'd done in exams holds a spotty record, to say the least. There had been times when he's come home to say the exam was "easy" only to be confronted later by a failing grade. This would inevitably lead me to shriek, "I thought you said it was easy! What happened?", to which he would look baffled and say "I don't know!"

He forbade me from going to school with him and said he would text me the results. So I waited anxiously and every time the phone beeped, I jumped. After a heart-pounded wait, I received a text from him. 11 points!!

This was a way better result than any of us could have hoped for and we were ecstatic. To put Andre's results in context, during his four years of secondary school, there have been exams where he had failed more subjects than he'd passed. In sec3, I wasn't sure he was even going to be promoted to the next level. We were particularly surprised by his B3 grade for A. Math, since he'd consistently flunked this subject in school. He had aimed for 16 points for the 'O' levels but surpassed that by a mile. The early admission turned out to be quite unnecessary after all. With this score, he can almost have his pick of courses at the polytechnic. What a wonderful boost to his confidence.

That's a nice close to Andre's secondary school journey and the last bit has been an especially eventful one. I'd shared in an earlier post how his school awarded him the Outstanding Leadership Award for his contributions in badminton, and how his teachers wrote him glowing testimonials. As it turned out, the school also chose him for another school award: Most Valuable Player...

as well as the Eagles Award (under Edusave), for leadership, service and achievements in CCA. The award ceremony was held yesterday.

I've always believed that God takes extra care to look after the sparrows and that's Andre - one big sparrow. As a student, he might not be considered the most "accomplished" in the traditional academic sense, but I've come to realise that he has made his mark in his own funny and affable way, and always on his own terms. My sparrow is all grown up and I'm so very proud of him. 💖

Prom night


Anonymous said...

Woah heartiest congratulations to Andre on the wonderful score plus all the other non-academic achievements!

Off you go to do even better in poly!


Rachel Tan said...

Very happy for your not so little boy :)
Just wondering - is the Poly Early Admissions binding, the same way it is for DSA acceptance to Secondary Schools?

monlim said...

Thanks, Grace!

Rachel: Yes, it's binding. His result slip states that he's not allowed to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise since he's already received early admissions.

Rachel Tan said...

It is always heartwarming to read of how you love and support two very different kids.

monlim said...

That's very sweet, Rachel! Sometimes, I think having a kid like Andre helps us learn how to be better parents :D

Rachel Tan said...

Haha. Fully understand. I have a Martian and a Venusian here too :)
Am always partial towards Andre as both my kids are in badminton and it is the tournament season now. I can so relate to your old badminton posts, especially on the competitiveness of it all (my kids do not have one on one private coaching and the likes).

Rachel Tan said...
I teared re-reading this post.
Everything so resonated with me - from match draws/fixing to private coaching, to battling a series of disappointments.

monlim said...

Rachel: I'm touched to hear that, thanks for letting me know. Jiayou to your kids!

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