Monday, July 27, 2015

Celebrating Youth Day...and almost playing truant

So earlier this month, MOE did a switcheroo on Youth Day. Instead of the school holiday being on the first Monday of July as in previous years, it was changed to Monday, 27 July.

Well, we didn't get the memo so we'd happily planned a family lunch on 6 July to celebrate the event for our kids. How could both our kids not realise the mistake, you ask? Well, for Lesley-Anne, it was block test period anyway and she knew the celebrations had been moved to end of the month but thought it was just for her school, not nation-wide.

As for Andre,'s Andre. He's usually the last to know anything. It wasn't till he'd read a thread about school work on his class watsapp group that Sunday before 6 July that he realised something didn't quite fit. Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to sms his teacher, who confirmed that Youth Day had been postponed.

Heng ah! Almost accidentally went AWOL. It would have been mighty awkward trying to explain why Andre was enjoying a leisurely brunch at a restaurant when he was supposed to be in school.

Anyway, it's Youth Day today and Andre had finally received his SG50 Lego set. I really feel this is the best gift ever. It encourages creativity and is a nice change from those trinkets and gimmicky stationery that just ends up being tossed or lost at home. Thank you, MOE! 

I didn't expect the set to be quite so substantial. 244 pieces including two minifigures (which are too big to be part of the infrastructure but never mind lah, I love Lego minifigures). You can make three Singapore icons from the same set, though not at the same time. Each icon has the option of three levels of difficulty (I guess it's because the set had to cater to the large age range from p1 kids to JC students).

I got Andre to make all three icons at level 3 so I could take photos.

Cavenagh Bridge:

Gardens by the Bay:

Changi Airport:

A very happy Youth Day to all youths and the young at heart! And yay, we can legit go eat today :D

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stay-at-home mum said...

And children's day has been changed this year too. From the first friday in Oct to the 2nd friday (Oct 9th)!!

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