Monday, November 3, 2014

A gift of a book - Christmas sale!

A Christmas sale on 3 November? In my defence, I did see Raffles City erect a frame for a giant Christmas tree yesterday so I'm not the only one thinking way ahead!

Some people have said to me that autographed books make some of the best presents. So as the Christmas season looms, I thought it would be nice to offer my readers an opportunity to buy my books as a festive gift. I've worked out an arrangement with Closetful of Books, who has agreed to hold a very special Christmas sale exclusively for Of Kids and Education blog readers - 20% discount on all online orders for my books, up to Wed, 19 November! How cool is that? I will autographed all books and address them to whomever you wish (for Danger Dan books, Lesley-Anne will sign them as well).   

These are the books:

The Good, the Bad and the PSLE: Trials of an Almost Kiasu Mother 

Great for parents of school-going kids. I've also been told that students themselves love reading about the hapless exploits of the mum and her kids!

You can read a blurb and sample here. Check out online reviews here.

The Danger Dan series. There are currently four Danger Dan books released. Perfect for kids aged 8-12. You may click on the links below to read a blurb and sample.

#1 Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind
#2 Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem
#3 Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate
#4 Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison

Special Danger Dan goodies:

All Danger Dan purchases come with a Danger Dan sticker. If you buy two or more books in the series (can be multiple copies of the same issue), you'll get a special Danger Dan badge. If you buy three or more Danger Dan books, you'll even get a notebook (ie you will get the sticker, badge and notebook)!

To enjoy the special discount, go to the Closetful of Books online order form here and when you place your order, enter the coupon code: HEDGEHOGSRULE. (Haha!) A 20% discount will be applied on all my books. If you would like me to address the books to a particular person, just fill out the "Is there anything about your order that we must note?" field before you check out.

Discount coupon expires 19 November 2014 midnight.  All books will be mailed out after this date by 30 November. This way, you're guaranteed to receive the books by Christmas. There's no better gift than the gift of a book!

Meanwhile, Lesley-Anne and I had a fun time at the National Museum yesterday, as part of the Singapore Writers Festival 2014, where we launched Danger Dan #4 together with three other children's books. Enough words for now - here are the pictures!

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