Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy birthday, Andre!

We celebrated Andre's birthday last week. Since his birthday falls right smack in the middle of his exams (which is always a bummer!), we kept it simple. The weekend before, we went for dinner at Muddy Murphy's because we know how much Andre enjoys pub food.

This was our first time there and it was really a pleasant surprise. The food is truly excellent and extremely reasonably priced. GST is included in the price and no service charge! Very rare for an establishment in the heart of town. The interior looks a little run down but for the food, we can overlook that.

Andre had the pork knuckle:

I had the tenderloin steak:

Kenneth and Lesley-Anne had the quintessential pub special - Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and mash. Both agreed that it was better than the one we had at a London pub!

For dessert, warm chocolate pudding with ice cream. Also very good.

On his actual birthday itself, we bought him a birthday cake from Chocolate Origins. If you ever crave a chocolate cake that tastes like you're eating pure chocolate, this is it!

I just had to mention that Lesley-Anne's gift to Andre was a simple care pack with all his favourite goodies. But trust her to put a creative spin on something straightforward. A rainbow care pack!

And with that, my (not-so-little) boy is now 14. Time flies!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andre! I've been reading this blog since five years ago and its great seeing Andre growing from a cute little boy who tickled his chinese teacher pink to the cheerful and happy individual that he is today! Happy 14th birthday Andre!

Anonymous said...


I've read your travel blog and realised you went to Europe earlier this year. Do you have any tips to this mum of two is looking to bringing her two boys post O levels around Europe? We are looking at a one month travel ( hoping to cover London, Paris, Switzerland and France.... i've yet to get my research up to scratch yet and that may be rather adventuorous). Any tips regarding accomodation/ transport/ definitely must visit sights and sounds for a party on three travelling on a shoestring budget?

Many thanks in advance

monlim said...

Anon: Many thanks for the birthday wishes!

As for travel tips, I really don't know too much about the rest of Europe besides Paris and London. Some basic tips would be booking train tickets and hotels early as you tend to get cheaper rates then. If food is expensive, getting stuff from the supermarket is always a good option! But actually, now with the internet, you can probably find lots of tips online for good and affordable eating places, also the better budget hotels.

Planning is much easier these days, thanks to the internet. Have fun planning and have a great trip!

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