Monday, August 4, 2014

Mars and Venus

The other day, I asked Andre what topic he was studying in school for science. He told me human reproduction and then followed it up with "it's the most horrible topic ever".

I thought oh, it's probably because he doesn't like to hear the gory details about the birds and the bees, or maybe it's the pictures that embarrass him. Here's a boy who can't hear the word "boob" without covering his ears and emitting a squeal.

Instead, he looked at me accusingly and said, "Your menu-station cycle lah! So complicated! So many different days to remember! And all those words to spell! Like ovulation and o-estrogen!" (He pronounced the 'o').

I almost felt obliged to apologise on behalf of all womankind.

Recently, I was looking at photos of our past holidays and realised how much Andre had grown from his relative height and size with Lesley-Anne.

This was June 2012:

June 2013:

And June 2014:

The funny thing is now that Andre's taller and larger than Lesley-Anne, he's passing her sports t-shirts that he has outgrown. Lesley-Anne accepts them with grace but muses that there's something very unglam about wearing hand-me-downs from one's YOUNGER brother.

However, despite his physical growth over the past two years, Andre is still very much a child at heart. He has given me advanced notice that he intends to be a bachelor forever because a girlfriend or wife would just take up his time and spend his money. "How am I going to have cute grandchildren, then?" I pouted. "Go ask jie jie," he replied adamantly.

I've not given up hope yet. Maybe once the hormones hit him full swing, hearts will start swimming in front of his eyes. While he's no heart throb, I think he's shaping up to be quite a pleasant looking chap (ok, mother's bias) so maybe a couple of girls will start looking his way sometime in the future. They'll probably need to be a lot more obvious than flutter their eyelashes though. And if they're smart, they won't use the word "boob".


Rachel Tan said...

awww. but you know, it is also nice to have our kids growing up oh-not-too-fast. The matuarity of some Primary School kids scares me; some look as though they are bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders (and faces).

monlim said...

Rachel: Yeah, many pri schl kids are forced to grow up too fast. Ironically, they're pressured to take on the academic burdens but emotionally can still be very immature. Andre is still enjoying life as it comes so I'm not worried :)

Unknown said...

Your son is a good looking gentleman in the making ok? Trust me! I have 3 boys! Your children look so well brought up! You should be really proud! Take care!

monlim said...

Jeanne: That's very sweet, thanks so much! Wishing you and your family a very happy National Day!

Anonymous said...

My brain is hazy...posted wrongly in the previous post.

Anyway, Andre has really grown a lot. I have no picture to track my child's growth so it is hard to tell. Handsome and sense of humour will make him a charming boy to girls.


monlim said...

QX: Long time no hear! I'm sure your dd has grown a lot too. Is she taking PSLE this year? Sorry, I've kinda lost track. If she is, all the best to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I feel so out of touch. She has grown some bit...still a lot of growing to do. LOL. It is PSLE year indeed. Thanks. :)


monlim said...

QX: With you by her side, I'm sure she's doing fine - you were always so calm and cool :) Jia you!!

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