Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Danger Dan #3 and one questionable video!

Book 3 of  Danger Dan is out! Isn't it such a glorious shade of purple?

Titled Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate, it sees Danger Dan hurtling back in time to 1819 - yes, the historic date when Singapore embarked on its destiny to become a British colony. Will Danger Dan get to meet Sir Stamford Raffles in the flesh? Perhaps... but first, he has to battle ferocious pirates to save Sultan Hussein from a watery grave!

We received a very complimentary review of the series from journalist Clara Chow: "If Doctor Who were 11 years old and born in Singapore, he'd be a lot like Danger Dan. This time-travelling boy wonder romps through Temasek with a feisty female partner, offering a fun alternative to boring textbook versions of local history."

We've also been getting fantastic reviews from kids and what we find most heartening is that they all say Danger Dan is funny. It's great to know that the stories strike a funny bone. Nothing like a little chuckle to whisk away the cares of homework and exams!  

Our publisher, Epigram Books, will be holding a sales conference in June and we were invited to introduce Danger Dan to the participants. However, since we will be away on our family vacation, we were asked to produce a video clip instead. Initially, I thought of just doing a simple clip where Lesley-Anne and I would talk briefly about Danger Dan.

But Lesley-Anne, being the ambitious teen, had other ideas. She came up with a storyboard of 10 things about Danger Dan and us, the authors. We filmed it and even roped Andre in! Lesley-Anne pieced it all together using Windows Movie Maker. It was pretty hilarious. She turned out to be surprisingly talented at hamming it up and alarmingly for me, I think my reputation is ruined forever.

Anyway, if you're curious or wanna laugh at how silly I look, you can watch the video clip here. It will also give you a quick summary of the series.

Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate will be available at all major bookstores soon (give them a week or two to bring in the stocks). $10.90 each (before GST).


Tan said...

Saw the video, had a belly good laugh LOL.

Crossing my fingers for a collector's box set (5 bks) hint....hint.....

monlim said...

Tan: We would LOVE to have a collector's box set! *Hint hint* to Epigram Books :D

Pamela said...

You co-wrote Danger Dan?! Cool! I must tell my son. He loves reading Danger Dan! Haha, I would love to have a collector's box set too. Perhaps Epigram Books would allow us to review Danger Dan on our blog :p *hint*hint* hhahahaha

monlim said...

Pamela: Yes, I wrote Danger Dan with my daughter :) So glad your son likes DD and of course we would love to see a review of it on your blog!

I've mentioned the collector's set to Epigram Books, they're seriously considering the idea once the whole series is out :D

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