Monday, April 28, 2014

We're in Young Parents magazine...again!

Lesley-Anne and I have been featured in the May issue of Young Parents magazine! We're on pages 32-33 as part of the Mother's Day feature on bonding with kids.

This is actually the second time we've been featured in Young Parents, thanks to the very supportive Editor, Stephanie Yeo. The first time was back in January 2010. I wrote about it here.

When Young Parents decides to put you in a feature with a photo shoot, it's the full works - hair, makeup, wardrobe, photography. It's a fascinating experience (for folks like me who generally dress very casually) that can elicit a range of expressions, from wonder "is that really my hair?" to horror "not those spaghetti straps, please!"

But all in all, it's good fun and the people directing the shoot usually go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I must say the photographer did a great job in getting us to smile naturally and I do think Lesley-Anne looks fabulous :)

So if you want to read about how we wrote Danger Dan together (and the fights that ensued!) do pick up a copy of Young Parents, available at newsstands now.

Incidentally, Epigram Books just published a pretty hilarious interview with Danger Dan on their blog here. An interview with Danger Dan, you ask? Yes! With the boy hero himself! Do check out what he thinks of his female sidekick, his creators (ahem, us!) and himself. I promise you will be entertained!

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