Monday, July 22, 2013

The day chivalry died

I know I haven't blogged about Andre in ages. I guess there are limitations when a kid hits secondary school:

1) The frequency of funny incidents has decreased since he has matured (somewhat).

2) He is less inclined to let me blog about incidents as he has grown more self-conscious (slightly).

3) Even when there are funny incidents, I think twice about whether to blog about them because part of me thinks, "Alamak!  How come he's still so childish?"

Nevertheless, I know that a few years ago, the funny perspectives of Andre were what many readers looked forward to on this blog, so I decided to write one just for old time's sake. This dialogue took place last year, during Andre's PSLE year and was told to Lesley-Anne by their Chinese tuition teacher.

Incidentally, their lao shi is a darling. She's animated, engaging and always tries to make the Chinese language interesting.  Even though she sometimes expresses exasperation with Andre (she equates teaching him to playing ball: "他好像在跟我打球一样. 我教他什么,他就打回给我."), she finds him hilarious.

This was a particular conversation that kept her in stitches.

Lao shi: "以后你要照顾姐姐." ('In the future, you should look after your sister.")

Andre: "呵! 不要! 以后我找个男人给她就可以了." ("Hah! I dowan! Next time, I'll just find a man for her.")

Lao shi: "可是,如果有人要欺负她的话,你一定要保护她." ("But if anyone tries to bully her, you have to protect her.")

Andre: "不用啦! 她的这个 (shows fist) 很强!" ("No need lah! Her fist is very powerful!")

Big sisters rule!


Anonymous said...

Good to know that Andre has so much faith in his sister! :) He probably looks up to her like a goddess.


monlim said...

QX: I don't think "goddess" is the word that springs to his mind, haha!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I don't think he will think consciously this way now but many years down the road, he will look back and feel this way.... Think it is great to have a sibling to look up to. Maybe you can chat with him on this in 20 years' time... :)


monlim said...

QX: I'm sure L-A will dredge up all kinds of embarrassing stories to tell his wife on his wedding day, lol. This blog is the depository of all childhood secrets!

Anonymous said...

omg. finding a man for his sister! (ok, that's funny) that said, i must say your picture-taking skills have improved! :) - kjj

monlim said...

KJJ: Sorry, can't take credit for the picture, this was part of a professional shoot we did for the family!

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