Monday, July 2, 2012

Have your cake and eat it

Our family meals tend to be eat-and-go events, even when we're at a nice restaurant. I not sure why but somehow, we're unable to dine at a leisurely pace.

Last week, we were at Coffee Club and the minute the waiter placed our dessert order on the table, three forks swiftly moved into position, waiting to pounce.

"Can we at least try to make this last more than 5 minutes?" I propositioned.

"Why?" asked my impatient comrades as they attacked the cake with relish.

At the next table, I saw a similar dessert sitting pristinely on the table, hardly touched as three family members casually chatted. I pointed this out to my two kids who were seemingly trying to devour the cake in record time. "See how civilised other people are?"

Lesley-Anne retorted, "They will never survive in the wild. These are the Hunger Games."

Without skipping a beat, Andre declared as he polished off the last bite, "May the odds be ever in your flavour."

Savages. I'm raising savages.

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