Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ankle aweigh!

It's been slightly over 3 weeks since Andre injured his foot and being immobile has been tough on him. Looking on the bright side, his condition has led him to some memorable experiences, such as riding on this stair contraption for wheelchairs (we happened to be at a building that didn't have a ramp). The security guard looked almost as thrilled as Andre, apparently it was his first time operating the equipment.

Finally, it was time to remove the cast. About time too - Andre's restlessness was beginning to translate into recklessness - like hopping on one foot to the bathroom or zipping about in his swivel chair, brandishing the crutch like a machine gun. It was another accident waiting to happen.

Making the cut...

... and the foot's free at last!

The news is great - his foot is fully recovered and there's no discernible swelling. This calls for a celebration with a large platter of fish and chips at Fish & Co!

The foot's not entirely back to normal though. Since it's been in a cast for so long, it still feels tender and sore when Andre puts weight on it, so he continues to use his crutches. To help with the recovery, he's been going swimming everyday, something he relishes. Not only will it improve strength and flexibility in his foot, it should also help him rebuild his stamina.

Praying he will be back on his feet real soon!


Anonymous said...

His foot looks well on its way to recovery.... Andre, look forward to your badminton photos soon!


monlim said...

QX: Thanks so much! Hopefully he can get back to badminton in a week or two.

Quince Pan said...

Hope Andre gets better soon. What a resilient peer I have!

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