Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piano player

Yesterday, Lesley-Anne sat for her piano practical exam. What's different about this one is that it's the last piano exam she'll ever take - Grade 8. It also marks the end of piano lessons for her since she doesn't intend to move on to the diploma level.

It's a momentous milestone, considering she has been learning the piano since she was 5... or 2/3 of her life. For the longest time, it seemed as if she would never reach this point. And while reaching Grade 8 in piano is hardly the end goal of learning music, it's definitely an achievement of sorts.

Ultimately though, working towards music exams is just a way for you to improve your skills. What's more important is how you use them. For the past couple of years especially, I've noticed that Lesley-Anne has enjoyed playing the piano more - she looks for sheet music for her favourite songs and tries out new pieces on her own. Her growing interest in music is what I'm most gratified about. (Well, next to the fact that I wouldn't have to chauffeur her for piano lessons anymore. Have I mentioned that I hate driving?)

So this marks the end of one chapter in her life. It's a long but fulfilling one, hopefully it won't stop here.

I recorded Lesley-Anne's playing her Grade 8 exam pieces as a keepsake for her. The first piece is Sonata in B minor Kp27 by Scarlatti. This was supposed to be her best piece but she says she flubbed it during the exam. Ah well, stuff happens.

The second piece is Sonata in D K284: Allegro by Mozart, a whopping 8 pages. When she practises this piece, she can't practise anything else cos it's so darn long and tiring on the fingers!

The third piece is my absolute favourite - Novelette in Fourths by Gershwin. It's so pretty and jazzy, it makes me happy.

Thank you, Mrs Chua!


Anonymous said...

Congrats L-A for completing the grade 8 journey!! Indeed it is not an easy feat considering she is so busy with so many activities.

L-A seems to be a girl without complaints too, quietly plodding her way through all the challenges in life.


monlim said...

Thanks QX! It's true, L-A has this dogged quality, she's determined to finish what she started which I'm thankful for, it's more important in life than smarts.

I think it helps that she enjoys school, otherwise I'm sure the complaints will come more frequently!

Anonymous said...

Mon, the character and quality that you have helped built in L-A is far more precious than anything else in the world. It is every parent's dream or at least my biggest dream to enable my child with good character values and qualities to move on with her own life when I am no longer around with her. You have done well with your children. I am still learning and look forward to the day my child graduates from my academy. :)


monlim said...

QX: From what I know, I believe you're a super supportive mum and you provide your dd with a well balanced childhood. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a wonderful lady and will thank you for it!

catherine said...

Hello, it is very encouraging to hear your dd has achieved this final grade with her hard work and I am sure she will be greatly rewarded..Mine have just started. I am living overseas and would like to find out more about your piano teacher. Can you drop me a private message at much and GOD BLESS...

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