Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Splish splash!

One of the advantages of this house was that the bathrooms were remodelled, so we didn't have to redo them.

There were, however, a few things we didn't like. The wash basins, for instance were made of glass and upon closer scrutiny, there were glue and sealer stains along the edges. Glass is extremely high maintenance.

So we decided to change all the wash basins back to good old ceramic. My brother-in-law advised us to go to Sim Siang Choon as they have lots to choose from. Lots is an understatement - Sim Siang Choon is like a giant Best Denki for bath products. I like that they display all their prices upfront and even have little paper measuring tapes and pencils ala Ikea for you to do your planning.

We chose two ceramic wash basins for the kids' and my mother-in-law's bathrooms, as well as other accessories such as toothbrush holders and toiletries wall stands. The original mixers (faucets) were in reasonably good condition so we retained them. The installation was done by our contractor. I think you can also engage Sim Siang Choon for the installation.

This is the kids' bathroom wash basin before:

And after:

Mum-in-law's wash basin before:

And after:

For her bathroom, we also installed grab bars for added safety, excellent advice by my friend.

For the master bathroom, we wanted a wash basin with a vanity so that we could store toiletries out of sight. Unfortunately, Sim Siang Choon doesn't carry many of these. So we decided to give Ikea a try, with their new Godmorgen bath series. It's very reasonably priced and like most Ikea goods, looks great. Whether it will last remains to be seen, am hoping for the best!

This is before:

And after:

The final change we made was the addition of a shower screen to the master bathroom. The previous owner used a shower curtain (right pic), which we thought was impractical and somewhat incongruous in an otherwise classy bathroom.

So we had a frameless shower door installed, to complete the look. This is what my bathroom looks like now:

My bathrooms before have always been purely functional and nothing much to look at. It's lovely to have one where I can unwind and wash my cares away. Taking a shower has never been so relaxing!


Anonymous said...

I have a fettish for bathrooms(the best place in a home for me)...need to look squeaky and clean. I enjoy staring at yours. :)


monlim said...

QX: I think I've only just begun to understand why pple treat their bathrooms as havens! There's something very soothing about a clean and neat bathroom, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is soothing indeed, simply love it...therapeutic for me...now I feel like changing the tiles in my bathroom...but that is major reno for me....Meanwhile where do we park ourselves?


monlim said...

Yeah, bathroom renovation is major business. Maybe do one bathroom at a time so you can use the other??

agnes said...


May i check with you, it is stressful with the GEP Program...My girl is selected and we are confused if we should send her..the travelling distance ,the program..


monlim said...

Agnes: Perhaps you would like to read my older posts, I wrote quite extensively on GEP. Just click on the GEP label on the right column to see past posts. Good luck!

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