Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey there, Mr Cloud

Lesley-Anne has been learning about weather and climate in geography. Recently, in an effort to make lessons more interesting, the teacher asked the kids to write a short poem about clouds.

It was to be a four-line poem: The first line had to contain the name of the cloud, the second line should compliment the cloud, the third line should be a question to the cloud and the last line, advice to the cloud. There should also be an accompanying photograph of the cloud.

I truly feel for the teacher. She was attempting to break away from the normal routine of dishing out boring facts and do something more engaging. However, this class comprises mainly math and science geeks, and poetry probably ranks somewhere between "housework" and "memorising the phone book" on the kids' 'likes'. So her effects went unappreciated.

When the teacher realised that no one had done the assignment, she gave them five minutes in class to complete it on the spot.

According to Lesley-Anne, this was one of the impromptu creations by her friend:

Dear Mr Puffy
You are very huffy
Why are you so fluffy?
I think you should be happy

Lesley-Anne's contribution wasn't much better:

Dear Cumulonimbus Cloud
You make the sky look fine
Do you know your name is very hard to spell?
Please choose a shorter name next time.

If I were the teacher, I'd just make them go back to memorising the 1001 facts about clouds.

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