Friday, May 6, 2011

Lesley-Anne's CAP portfolio 3

Sorry for the side-track over the GE but hey, it happens only once every five years so I think I'm entitled to get a little excited :)

Anyway, back to education, here's a third piece from Lesley-Anne's portfolio for CAP (and the last I'll be posting). It's another poem, this time one that expresses her concern for the environment - one of her pet causes. Although it may not be superbly brilliant in terms of language, I give her props for her passion and conviction.

What if…

Humans didn’t ever exist?
I think the earth would probably flourish
All of this man-made machinery
Would be replaced by lush greenery

Where there were factories, cars
And streets of hot melting tar
Would be forests, flowerbeds
And thriving animals instead

What if…

All of nature could talk, scream and shout?
Only then, might we understand
That all this hunting we could do without
As the blood of these animals wet the land

All the felled trees would lie there groaning
The sky, filled with toxic air, would be choking
Mother Nature, is honestly going to die
But why won’t you stop this, why won’t you try

Who cares?

Well you’re a fine one to speak
But even now, surely you feel the heat
The earth’s heating up, the icecaps are melting
A few years on, the heat will be sweltering

Some countries will flood as sea levels rise
If you own beach houses say your goodbyes
But in other countries, there is no water about
It’s the opposite of a flood, it’s a drought!

So what?

Haven’t you been listening all this time?
Don’t you understand the severity of this?
To ignore this would be a serious crime
As this problem is too apparent to dismiss

Entire ecosystems are dying
Why aren’t you even trying?
To save your own home and life
As well as your dear children and wife

Oh no!

Oh yes! Don’t you hear the anxiety in my voice?
My heart breaks when I see what we’ve done
Your own life’s at stake, you’ve got no choice
It is your duty and from it, please don’t shun

Don’t think “But soon, I’ll be dead and gone
It won’t affect me; I’ll carry just carry on
With my own work and my own business”
‘Cause then, your children will inherit this mess

But, but…

Your business in fossil fuels will have to fold?
Well, that’s a price you have to pay
Earth’s call of help can’t be put on hold
Please respond to it, don’t turn her away

All this that I have said is true
The earth’s in a sorry state
Do your part now, I implore you
Before it is truly too late

But how?

Well, I am so glad you asked
Since saving the world isn’t an easy task
But do things bit by bit and start small
And you’ll help the earth in no time at all

By just recycling a ton of paper
You will save 380 gallons of oil and 17 trees
As well as 7000 gallons of water
And 4000 kilowatts of energy

That’s amazing!

I’ll say! And you don’t have to stop there
You can also help spread awareness across the nation
Maybe by starting an earth-saving trend somewhere
Or even better, join an environmental organisation

So you see you don’t need superpowers to save the earth
But the effort you put in will be of immeasurable worth
For even though we live in different places
Or are of many unique, special races
When we all unite just for this one cause
We’ll accomplish things worthy of Mother Nature’s applause

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