Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Footballer for a day (or month)

For the past few weeks, Andre has been dressed in the garb of his favourite footballer. This was a shirt and shorts set we found in Bangkok and bought just for fun. I think we paid about THB 220 for it or about S$10.

What we didn't count on was that Andre would wear this day in, day out and only remove it reluctantly when it became grimy enough for me to yell at him to change. The minute it's laundered and dry, he wears it again. If he could wear it to sleep, he would.

I've already heard Kenneth groaning more than a couple of times, "Messi again??"

I'm not sure what it is, Andre isn't even a soccer fan. Messi is one of the few footballers he knows, I don't think he can name 5 others. I've come to the conclusion it must be material of the shirt - it's soft, cool and very comfortable.

So Lilian, if you're ever back at Chatuchak, I just might have to tompang you to get me an entire football team's worth of shirt sets.

(Mini Messi from the back)


Lilian said...

It does look very comfortable! Yes, I will get for him if I go to Chatuchak. Tell me the size again.

monlim said...

It's the kids' size L. Maybe 2 sets in different colours/names? Many thanks!!

elan said...

errr...idle question...why can't he wear it to sleep?


monlim said...

Elan: hahaha, he wears PJs. If he wore these to sleep, they'll never get washed ever!

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