Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Selling flags for SPCA

I didn't manage to finish blogging about Lesley-Anne's CIP during the holidays so here's one in the New Year!

Animal welfare is one of the causes that Lesley-Anne is a huge advocate of so without hesitation, she signed up for SPCA's flag day in December, along with two of her friends.

Volunteers were encouraged to dress up in the animal theme or even bring their pets. Since it was close to Christmas, there was a very festive air about the whole event, which was great.

Dog on the right is not ours, by the way, another volunteer standing in line brought it.

The girls parked themselves at an MRT station to take advantage of the high human traffic and got to work.

I was quite surprised to discover that by the end of the four-hour shift, the cans were almost full. Maybe people are more open with their wallets during the year-end season but it's nice to see the giving spirit among Singaporeans.

Job well done!


Karmeleon said...

Strange - i thot to sell flags, there is a legal requirement in Singapore for the child to be at least 15 years' old? That's why this type of CIP is only available to those from sec 3 onwards ? Have they changed it?

monlim said...

For under 15s, they need an adult to accompany them. One of the girls' mothers was the chaperone.

Karmeleon said...

Ah - didn't know they allow chaperones?

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