Friday, December 17, 2010

Exploring Sentosa

We arrived at Resorts World early so we could enjoy the day at Sentosa. First, we headed out to the luge - this is something we've been meaning to try for a while but never had the chance. It's conveniently close to Resorts World, within walking distance.

We paid $49 for a family package of two rides per person.

The luge ride itself is great fun. You go down a winding path of about 1.2km and can go as fast or as slow as you like. There are two different tracks so going twice is ideal, to experience both. (We all agreed the Dragon Trail is better).

Having, said that, I'll never go on the luge again. This is because the only way back up to the top is via the chairlift. The funny thing is, I'm the only one in this family who doesn't suffer from motion sickness and I'm not afraid of heights. But for some reason, the chairlift terrified me (and only me) to bits. It felt so precarious dangling from the rail and the whole journey went on forever. Plus we had to do it twice. The second time, I closed my eyes the whole way which was worse because every time I opened my eyes to take a peek and saw the vastness of the landscape, I would feel my stomach lurch. Never again!

We sauntered around Siloso Beach for a while, it was breezy and very picturesque - enough to get you in the holiday mood.

We walked back to Resorts World to meet Kenneth's mum and cousin for lunch at Din Tai Fung. Xiao long bao, beef noodles, pork chop fried rice, etc. I don't fancy the noodles, they're too greasy for my taste.

The whole of Resorts World was dressed up for the Christmas season and it was very festive. There were stiltwalking drummer boys and Christmas trees galore.

Below was the decor outside Candylicious, a mega candy store.

Then, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel to check into our room. The room was pretty much the same as the last time so I'm not going to describe it. We even had the same pictures of Jimi Hendrix over our bed, prompting Andre to yell, "Arrrrrghhhh, the creepy guy followed us here!"

We were fortunate enough to get the top floor, pool view, like the last time.

Fun in the sun!

Night view from our balcony.

Dinner on Tuesday night was at Hard Rock Cafe. Eating here always makes us happy. Their Twisted Macaroni and Cheese is to die for, by the way.

As part of the package deal, we had buffet breakfast at the hotel's Starz Restaurant on the last day.

Andre decided before the trip that he wanted to start writing a journal, ala Diary of a Wimpy Kid, complete with pictures. Hey, anything that involves Andre writing is fine with me! Here he is at the breakfast table, possibly noting down what he had consumed?

After breakfast, it was just chillin' by the pool until checkout time.

As mentioned in my previous post, we had expected this staycation to be our only trip during these school hols but at the last minute, we managed to book a short overseas holiday so this became a bonus.

We'll be leaving for our 2nd holiday soon so I'm taking a blogging break till Christmas. Blessed Christmas to all of you!


Patricia said...

Hey Monica,
Taking the skyride is not the only way to go to the luge :)

Like you, I'm terrified of taking the skyride. I found out that I could take the monorail to Imbiah station, take about 3 or 4 escalators up the slope and walk past the Carlsberg tower before reaching the Luge station. Either that or you can take one of the colour buses to the Luge station - even nearer! The staff there would know the way.

So you don't have to miss out on the luge afterall! I too enjoy the luge and would skip the skyride! :)I wish they would offer tickets for luge ride alone rather than skyride alone.

monlim said...

Thanks Patricia! Nice to know I'm not the only chicken, haha. I didn't know there was a monorail stop at the bottom. I figured there must be some other way back up the hill but didn't manage to find out. I wish it was a cable car instead!

Patricia said...

I just found out that we are not the only chickens indeed. My elder sister closes her eyes on the skyride like you! And she would skip it given a choice! :) So I figure there are many others like us around, just that they didn't make their fear known.

monlim said...

Haha! I'd rather ride on a roller coaster than take the skyride. At least that's over in a minute - this one is prolonged agony :P

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