Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strike a pose!

For PE in school this term, Lesley-Anne has been learning gym. It's something she enjoys much more than regular PE (especially if it involves running laps around the track). Her ballet training is an advantage since flexibility is called for.

She hasn't mastered the handstand or the cartwheel yet but it's fun to see her perform some of the other poses so I took some pictures.

This is the side split.

Front split.

This is an attempt at what legendary French prima ballerina Sylvie Guillem calls the "6 o'clock" position. Not quite there yet.

For her gym test, Lesley-Anne's group choreographed a neat number and they did very well. Individually, she scored an A+. Too bad it's a non-examinable subject!

I'm not sure if she'll ever manage the handstand, I think it's such a cool move. I'll post a picture if she does.


Anonymous said...

For 13yo to do this, it is very good! Bravo L-A!

My front and side split terminology is opposite from yours, have I been wrong all this while? *gosh*

My gal enjoys gym for fun as well. Her school offers fun gym for PE too.


monlim said...

QX: I think those who take ballet have a natural affinity to gym. I, on the other hand, hated gym in school especially wearing the leotards!

The terminology came from Lesley-Anne, not sure if they're correct?

Anonymous said...

When did LA start her ballet class? If I wish to send my gal to ballet, where would you recommend? Do you think community center/club is adequate?

monlim said...

L-A started at 8. I think CCs are fine, better to get recommendations from friends so you know where are the better teachers. You can read more under the Music and Dance label.

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