Thursday, July 29, 2010

Table tennis and a new S90

You may remember that I previously mentioned our weekly family badminton games. Well, as of a few weeks ago, these were stopped. Partly because the novelty has worn off somewhat (afterall it has been a couple of years) but mostly, it's because the standards between individual members are now so disparate that it's almost comical.

Andre has been receiving ongoing badminton training while Lesley-Anne and I possess the "no ball sense" gene, further handicapped by our uncoordinated limbs. As a result, our games have become completely lopsided. After 5 minutes of being unable to return Andre's shots, Lesley-Anne will declare that she's "taking a break". Meanwhile, I will impose rules for Andre as I go along - "not allowed to smash at me!", "cannot hit so far back!", "ok, half court only!" at which point, he'll usually grumble, "everything also cannot, how to play?"

Sometimes, Lesley-Anne and I both take on Andre together... and we still lose. So malu. Andre usually ends up sparring with Kenneth, unless Kenneth's bum knee acts up, then it's game over.

After a while, we came to the realisation that it was time to stop these weekly badminton comedy routines. However, unwilling to give up our attempt at family bonding over sports, we decided to try something else - table tennis. It turned out to be really fun, maybe because the learning curve is shorter. As expected though, Andre is picking up the game much faster than me or Lesley-Anne and already, I'm finding myself saying "not allowed to smash me!" Did I mention my uncoordinated limbs?

Well, for now, it's still fun so we're going to enjoy it while we can! I tried posting a video but I've been having problems with Blogger in video posting for a while now. Instead, here are some pictures - last week, I treated myself to a new Canon Powershot S90 as I wanted to capture better pictures of my kids. Quite happy with the test run but still trying to figure out the many features. At least my indoor, non-flash shots no longer come out looking like they were taken in an earthquake zone!

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