Thursday, June 3, 2010

Starfighters and calamari commanders

I previously wrote about the Star Wars phase Andre is in. Well, somebody must have been praying very hard because one day, out of the blue, my cousin Benjamin popped by with one heck of a fantabulous present for him:

WOW!!! Colour me impressed and I'm not even a Star Wars fan. Looks like Christmas came early for Andre, his reaction was akin to someone telling him that his school had been transformed into Disneyland.

This set is a reproduction of the Rebel flagship from Return of the Jedi with 6 mini figures. It features loads of intricate details and moving parts, things that you can trust Lego to deliver.

This is the Mon Calamari command centre and briefing room with the Death Star "hologram".

And this is the repair hangar with a Green Squadron A-wing starfighter. The starfighter has a removable engine and launchable missiles.

The levers and gears are movable, even the command chair swivels. Have I already said how cool this set is?? I had to take a video just to show the movable parts.

Ben, if you're reading this, thank you again for the unbelievably generous gift. Andre is a very lucky boy and you're now officially his favourite uncle!


Benjamin Chua said...

Ha ha, When is his Birthday, I will get something for two them for christmas, wondering what will lesly Anne like

monlim said...

You're so thoughtful lah. Your future kids are going to be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

You can get Andre some star wars stories books too.

Benjamin Chua said...

Wel hard to say, my future kids I will want them to earn it, so they will know things are not so easy to get. Have to work hard to obtain it, just like my parents did to me ha ha

monlim said...

Ben: Sure lah, I'm sure you'll be sensible. We were all brought up to appreciate what we were given, I get my kids to "earn" their rewards too :)

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