Monday, February 8, 2010

Andre's art attack!

Typically in primary school, art lessons are nothing to shout about. When the period is not being cannibalised for some other academic subject, it's usually filled with simple drawings or crafts that wouldn't inspire any Picasso wanna-bes.

Sorry for being so cynical but based on the art works that my kids have brought home over the years, I can see that things haven't really changed since I was in primary school. Can't really blame the school, in the Singapore primary education system, art is considered one of those peripheral subjects that don't even have its own dedicated teachers. Usually the teacher taking art happens to also be a form teacher or subject teacher that has been allocated an extra duty (same with music).

Anyway, I was expecting art this year to be pretty much the same as every year's (read: nondescript) until Andre brought this drawing (on the right) home after his first art lesson.

It was in his art file and at first glance, I thought it was a print-out and he had merely coloured it in, until I took a closer look and realised it was drawn.

From what I gather, Andre's art teacher had let his class watch a video on the computer which showed them how to draw this face step by step, using lines and shapes. He used a pencil first and drew over the lines with a marker later.

I know there are many doodle champs in Singapore so this is probably nothing to them, but I thought it was quite a good effort since Andre is no Einstein (the cartoonist, not the genius although he's not that either).

The following week, he came home with this:

Another cartoon! I was beginning to suspect that his art teacher (who's actually a science teacher) had no idea how to teach art and just hit on this winning method to engage the kids. I think my suspicion was correct because the following week, he produced this:

Hahaha! I just had to laugh as I wondered if Andre would be drawing cartoons the whole year round. Art educators will probably be appalled but you know, I notice that Andre is actually enjoying his art lessons now, unlike in the past three years. Granted it doesn't teach anything about art technique since he's probably just copying the steps in the guide but hey, art should first and foremost be fun, right? In this respect, the class is a-ok by me.



Lilian said...

Very nice! Looks like he takes after you, not all kids can draw like that even if shown a step-by-step video. There's big money in animation leh...

Anonymous said...

So cute, maybe Andre also has your artistic gene. Don't think I would be able to draw something like that. They are just so fascinating and eye-catching! Surly will catch the little children's interest towards art!
~ my

monlim said...

Lilian: Don't u know that among Andre's many ambitions, one of them is to create computer games? So maybe this will come in handy at some point!

MY: Yeah, I think cartoons have universal appeal - no need to be able to appreciate art!

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed!


bACk in GERMANY said...

These are so good! Art lessons now are conducted at home with the textbook. :((
My weekends end with a heART attack now coz Art homework is due every Monday!

monlim said...

PeaTH: Thanks!!

Cindy: Aiyoh, I never understood how art can be taught with a textbook. And you have my sympathies - I hate chasing over art hw, they should just do everything in school!

Anonymous said...

Impressive Andre! Creating comics is also something fun and relaxing. My child loves to doodle too, her form of relaxation.


monlim said...

Thanks QX! Thing is, I don't think he'll be able to reproduce these without the instructions. But at least he had fun while drawing them :)

Alice Law said...

Just dropping by to say hi!

Very talented cartoonize drawing, I personally like the 2nd picture. Perhaps your boy can also go for a try on caricature.

Anonymous said...

You never know, Mon...after a while, he will catch on if he draws them often enough. My girl just took some drawings from a magazine she read...after a few months, she created her own character but similar to that one because I found it familiar. It is because it is a leisurely activity, no stress, the creativity juices will flow... Of course her doodling is nowhere near what Andre has drawn, but it is nice to know that she will quietly draw this in her sketchbook during time in-between periods in school.

I certainly think Andre has an eye for details in his can develop the interest as a hobby.


monlim said...

Alice: Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

QX: I think cartoon suits Andre cos he's able to make big bold strokes, unlike the fiddly and delicate work for paints or sketches. As he so happily tells me, "My drawing is good because it fills up the whole piece of paper!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Andre!!

Mon, your little one has hidden talent, his drawing is very good!!


monlim said...

Chris: Wah, thanks! He'll be so flattered to hear all the compliments!

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