Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes, it's great being a mum

I know Mothers' Day is over but I couldn't resist sharing the precious thoughts my kids lavished on me for Mothers' Day.

First, Lesley-Anne's. She presented me with this beautiful drawing wrapped up like a scroll with a red ribbon. It's a drawing of a hedgehog (of course!) with a message.

What astonished me was the realisation that she had painstakingly created the large hedgehog from miniscule hedgehogs. I greatly appreciate the fact that this was done during the exam period when she had limited leisure time. Here's a magnified view of the little hedgehogs.

And here's the message she wrote - my normally stoic heart was moved *sniff*!

Trying to emulate his sister, Andre too made a card for me. A little birdie told me he had done this during commercials of Over The Hedge, which he was watching the night before Mothers' Day... LOL!

Here's the front of the card. Look at the message!

Inside, the card reads "Happy Mother's Day!" and here's the back of the card, with some "supervision" from his che-che.

The hearts of kids... priceless. I'm such a lucky mummy! Hope all you mummies had equally wonderful gestures of love from your kids.


Lilian said...

Che Che is just the perfect daughter...she writes with such sincerity, just like mummy. Andre's hedgehogs are really cute too. Both of them are so precious. You're indeed a very lucky and blessed mummy, deservedly so!

breve1970 said...

Wow... Monica. Am all teary eyed again reading L-A's and Andre's messages. L-A writes and expresses herself so well... succint and meaningful.

As for Andre, his simple but genuine message also moves me.

Anonymous said...

L-A's art reminded me of the Mandelbrot(sp?)'s amazing how the mind of bright kids work.

Her message is indeed sweet and mature for her age. It takes wisdom at her age to appreciate how special simplicity can be. At my age, simplicity becomes a MUST! LOL.

Andre's picture is also a thoughtful one and his setting is more like a party that he is enjoying with you, closer to his personality.:) It's heart-warming to hear his sensitivity towards your difficulty which is contributed by him and making a commitment to change it. New-age sensitive guy in the!

You are indeed a Blessed mum!


Alcovelet said...

Your kids and their sentiments are so precious. Makes me want to tear *sniff*.

They obviously love you to bits, Mummy!! In their eyes, you're the ultimate best, and that's what counts!

Thanks for sharing their wonderful gifts to you!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts from the heart ! Absolutely priceless. It's these expressions from the heart that really makes motherhood all worth it.

It reminds me to treasure the little keepsakes from my girls this year. Most of them are on my office wall.

Love the pic from L-A...the effort she made is just so amazing...
little cute !


Anonymous said...

Both your children are soooooooo sweet!! You are very blessed!!

I love all the hedgehogs, from the tiny little ones to the big one, to the ones having a party & the ones with the colourful thorns. Lovely!! Lovely!! Lovely!!


monlim said...

Yes I am very blessed! Thanks, all you mummies for your wonderful comments :)

eunice said...

I love both their cards! L-A's card and message is WOW! Andre's is something that Sean will write. I had to laugh at the 'I know it's hard to teach me'. At least he appreciates the effort. Kudos Monica for raising two such great kids!

monlim said...

Thanks Eunice! Yes, Andre can be quite the diplomat :D

petite fleur said...

Your kids are adorable. Love the hedgehog drawing from che-che esp the mini hedgehogs !! And Andre with his message - such a sweetheart.

You must be very proud of them.

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