Thursday, May 20, 2010

Philly no bake cheesecake

My kids are crazy about cheesecake and years ago, I found this recipe online for a no bake cheesecake. What I love about it is that it's easy, no need for an oven - just assemble, freeze and tah-dah! Quite idiot-proof. Taste-wise, this is no slacker. It's 100 times better than the frozen Sara Lee versions you find in the supermarket. I've served it at parties and it's a real hit with both adults and kids.

The reason I haven't made this in a while is because it's a highly fattening dessert and a couple of my family members (ahem!) seriously don't need any top-ups in the sugar department. However, Andre has been bugging me to make this and since the exams are over, I thought it was time for a treat.

I sometimes alternate between a digestive base and an Oreo base. My kids prefer the Oreo base, the Oreo fans that they are, but Kenneth and I find that it overpowers the taste of the cheesecake. We prefer the original digestive base. Anyway, I'm listing the recipe for both versions - in case I wasn't clear enough, you're supposed to pick one, not do both!



500g Philadephia cream cheese
100g sugar
125ml whipping cream
½ tsp vanilla essence

Digestive base:

200g digestive biscuits, crushed
80g butter, softened
2 tsp sugar

Oreo base:

200g Oreo cookies, crushed
40g butter, softened


1. In a bowl, use fingers to mix together all ingredients for chosen base until finely crumbed.

2. Press down onto a 20cm pie pan to form a base. Place in refrigerator.

3. Beat cream cheese with sugar and vanilla essence.

4. Whip cream in another bowl, fold into cream cheese mixture.

5. Remove pan from refrigerator, spread mixture on top of base.

6. Cover with cling wrap, freeze for 3 hours.

7. Place in refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

  • Philadephia cream cheese comes in two versions - tub and block. I've used both, there's no difference in taste. I usually use Philadephia Light as it's less fattening but you can use the regular option if you prefer

  • I use a disposable aluminum tray instead of a pie pan, it works perfectly and is especially handy for parties.

  • If you like a little tang in your cheesecake, add a tsp of lemon juice to the cream cheese mixture.

  • You can also add strawberries or blueberries on top of your cheesecake to dress it up.


L said...

wow, looks so easy and delicious!Did you use a mixer to whip the cream? Thanks for sharing.

monlim said...

L: You're welcome! Yes, you'll need to use an egg beater to whip the cream, no way to get the same consistency by hand in Singapore humidity.

L said...

Tks Monica, can't wait to try this recipe during the holidays.


Elan said...

Dear Mon,
Here's a tip for a totally non-fattening,guilt-free and superhealthy version - google yakult yoghurt cake. I made it with non-fat yoghurt and nobody could tell there was no cheese in my "cheese cake"!


monlim said...

Elan: I never thought I'd hear the words "yakult" and "cheesecake" in the same sentence :P Thanks for the tip!

erin said...

looks great... is it possible to omit the whip cream?

monlim said...

Erin: I'm not sure, I've never tried. I suspect the whipped cream gives it the light texture.

waiman said...

Hi! Is it possible to hand whip the cream with egg beater as i do not have a mixer? Thanks in advance!

monlim said...

Waiman: I'm sure you can, it will just take longer :)

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